Viking Voice

March 24, 2021


It's Flower Sale Time! Check out the link to order on line.

Flower fliers went home with your youngest student on Monday!

Water Donations Requested

Thank you to those families who donated water bottles for our students who forget theirs. We are down to our last two cases. We would be grateful for some more donations!

Disciple Power Recognitions

This month we are working on SELF CONTROL as our "lifeline" of the month. The following students were recognized at Mass on Tuesday:

Kindergarten: Gabriel Green

1st Grade: Sebastian Palacios

2nd Grade: Aurelia Corbin

3rd Grade: Atticus Salinas and Ethan DeCann

4th Grade: Alyssa Lopez and Ramon Romo

And in grades 5-7 on Thursday the following students were recognized:

5th Grade--Cash Thomas, Katie Miller

6th Grade--Lucas Hurst, Chase Totta, Domenica Falco

7th Grade--Joshua Brown Hayes, Cecilia Hirsch

8th Grade--Kate Norris, Sloan Cook

WINNERS--Mardi Gras Raffle

The following people have WON!

Air Pods--Luttrell Family

Echo Dot--Steve Mann

Mini Projector--Madelyn Parker Family

$25 AMC Gift Card--Stuckey Family

$25 Panda Express Gift Card--Gaffney Family

$20 Chipotle Gift Card--Kroening Family

$15 Subway Gift Card--Kearney Family

$10 Starbucks Gift Cards--Colten Ellis, Mrs. Wright, Josie Haarmann

Thank you to all who participated!

Update on May 7th

Originally the Viking Fore the Kids Golf Tournament was scheduled for May 7th. Because of COVID, we have been unable to secure a golf venue (all the venues were booked). We have made the decision to forego the tournament for this year. SO, May 7th will be a FULL DAY of school. :)

We are also looking for a chair for Golf Tournament, 2022. If you would be interested in this opportunity, please contact Kelley Knust or Ann Wright.


You should not enter the carpool line from Range during morning drop off or evening pick up. Please enter from R.D.Mize around the BACK of school and join the carpool line.