Livewave Antenna Reviews

What can the TV antenna really do? Here is our report.

What is Livewave Antenna?

Livewave Antenna is a small plug in the form of a small antenna, which you can plug into your wall socket to receive all kinds of transmitters completely free of charge. In contrast to expensive cable TV, with this small plug, which you have to connect to your TV set, you get, according to the manufacturer, an extensive TV program offer for only one unique price, namely the one, which you have to spend for this plug. You don't have to sign any expensive TV contracts and you can watch a lot of TV for free.

Why do I need this antenna?

With this plug from Livewave Antenna you can receive almost any program and don't have to pay for it. You don't have to spend your money on expensive cable TV or other expensive offers anymore, but you can now watch TV for free with Livewave Antenna. A small plug and more is not necessary. Anyone who wants to save money is well served with this small plug.

Livewave Antenna Rating and Recommendation

If this TV plug really exists and it works as it is called, it is a wonderful invention and should not be missing in any house. However, you can find sites on the Internet that repeatedly point out that pay stations cannot be received free of charge all at once, just because you have such a plug. Abo remains Abo and could not be changed also hereby.

You still have to pay. In addition, the provider/manufacturer seems to be a fraud, whose addresses vary again and again. Once they are in the Netherlands, then in London and suddenly in Hamburg. This TV plug is a very nice idea, but if you want to do this to yourself when so many questions about this product and provider are open, you have to decide for yourself and get more information before you decide for it.

Livewave Antenna technical facts

Most local cable operators still broadcast their signals through the air you can receive. Only the use of Livewave Antenna's mini antenna allows you to access all these channels for free by turning the electrical wiring in your home into an enormous antenna - 100 percent legal and 100 percent free!

All you have to do is plug the mini antenna into your wall socket, connect it to your TV set and perform a station search on the TV set and you will receive all the TV stations on your TV set, comprehensive and free of charge! Since everything in your house is already connected to each other through the antenna on the roof of your house, all you need to do is plug the mini antenna into any socket in your house and your house becomes an enormous receiver antenna.

Livewave Antenna Test

Apart from the fact that the trademark "Livewave Antenna" is a registered, legally protected trademark, no special quality features are known or present for this product. On the contrary, there are voices on the Internet that claim that this brand, this product and this supplier are fraudulent and warn against a purchase!

This provider is a mailbox company without a special seat - sometimes in London, sometimes in the Netherlands or sometimes in Hamburg. The customer never receives the goods and also the money transferred in advance is gone and never comes back. This is a very strong minus at quality and before a possible purchase you should form in any case first of all an opinion about it yourselves and do own research for this, before you wait on commodity, which never arrives and likewise on your money, which you get possibly never again back.

Even if you get the plug then, it probably doesn't mean that it works exactly as it should. Obviously, he can't make paid television for free and is therefore useless, according to estimates from the Internet, if you can receive anything at all with it.
Livewave Antenna Channels

Livewave Antenna reviews and opinions

It is an enormous innovation on the international market that there is a mini antenna, which you only have to plug into an electrical socket at home and - connected to your TV - you can legally receive and watch several channels completely free of charge! It sounds like a dream, because it seems too easy to be true. But it seems as if it really is real and all this costs you nothing. Only the cost of purchasing such a plug has to be paid, but this can be arranged if you save all the costs for your cable TV contract that you have paid uselessly so far. It seems to work and it's worth getting a TV plug into your house!

A user of this TV plug writes that he was initially sceptical, because how could he suddenly be able to receive all channels completely legally and free of charge? There must be a catch behind it! But after he had tried it out, he was positively surprised how fast and easy it went and this completely without installation or other large expenditure.

Another user says that everything went smoothly for him, too. Although he had a few minor problems in the beginning, everything was cleared up quickly thanks to the great customer service and then everything worked perfectly for him. He was also surprised how easy it is to receive all channels legally and free of charge.

A next user reports that he is an electrical engineer himself and that he really likes the idea that his whole house has been turned into a gigantic antenna by this TV station. He uses it often and now feels television is very exciting, since he can receive so many great programs.

Where can I order Livewave Antenna?

This mini antenna can only be purchased online at the manufacturer's or supplier's site, where you are offered enormous discounts and you can also buy several antennas at a reduced price. In addition, shipping is free and the product comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

Who is the supplier of the product?

Behind the provider, whose address refers to the Netherlands, however, is a letter-box company based in London, which has been warned of several times on the Internet. The only reason for this is that this TV plug obviously does not work as it should. In addition, many customers did not receive their goods at all and their money was also forever shabby.

One possible address for the company is:

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