Germany, Europe T

Tysean and Nick, 5C

Flags and Geography

Flag N

This is the flag of Germany, Europe
Black sad
Red mad
Yellow happy
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Map of Germany T

The countries that border Germany are Netherlands, Switzerland and Poland.
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Customs and home life

Houses N

Lots of German houses are really big
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Castles N

There are many castles in germany
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This is a Parade in Germany to celebrate 25 years of non death. T
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Symbol of Germany N

The eagle is for fate and carrer

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Eagles were symbols for Germans.


Costumes N

Most german kids wear these costumes for school.
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Typical foods T

These are three Typical food of Germany.

Holidays and Celebrations

Two Holidays

Easter & Halloween

  • Halloween in Germany is a day were adults dress up to scare kids since 2006 to 2012. T
  • Easter in Germany is called ostersonntag. N
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A little extra credit N

Old and new
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Street Library N

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German Church N

These are people at a church in Germany.
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These are candy store in Germany T

World Cup T

Germany has a really good soccer team they won the World Cup Championship two years in a row last year.
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Refrences T