Malaria Awareness

The "Against Malaria" Foundation Raises Awareness To Stop It

What "Against Malaria" Is For And How They Help

This organization is dedicated to raise awareness of this disease and to prevent further deaths and cases, and they have a unique way of doing it. The species of mosquito is nocturnal, so most incidents occur during the night while people sleep. "Against Malaria" not only sends proceeds, but also mosquito nets to prevent bites from happening.

Sub-Saharan Africa

The countries most in need are those such as Zimbabwe and Namibia. When one donates to "Against Malaria", all the donations are used to purchase mosquito nets.

Why Malaria Is So Prevalent In Africa

When the Europeans colonized Africa, they cared little about the health and safety of the natives. They took as many resources as possible, and when they left, the natives were abandonded to fend for themselves. The Europeans left no resources or help for them, so epidemics were inevitable. Without the proper care for the Africans, diseases began to break out, and malaria thrived throughout the poor countries.