Multimedia Career: Artist/Animator

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What Multimedia Artist/Animators Do

Multimedia Artist/Animators do a lot of things. They animate movies, sketch storyboards, design graphics to use in films or clips, assemble by what a director puts in the script, develop computer programs and help participate in assembling movies or films.

What are the requirements to be a Multimedia Artist/Animator?

Multimedia Artists/Animators have a lot of requirements and jobs they have to perform. For instance they need to have a Bachelor's Degree in an art related cataglory, good speaking skills, active listening, writing comprehension, writing, mathematics, critical thinking, active thinking, and learning strategies.

Every Day Requirements

In a typical day Multimedia Artists/Animators have a long day ahead of the when they go to work every day. They are inside most of the day and are sitting a lot. They create the same motions in a sequence repetitively, they have a multi-sensory approach and use a lot of their body controlling computer applications. They also have to carry around their materials,which are lightweight all day long. Lastly, Multimedia Artists/Animators have to be able to understand other peoples' speech, see very close up to things and be able to identify color and small details.

Work Hours and Wages in Texas

Most Multimedia Artists/Animators work irregular hours and a lot of overtime. The national average wage in the U.S. is $34,800-$106,370. In Texas, the average annual wage is $57,16, and the average hourly wage is $27.48. The future outlook of Multimedia Artists/Animators is predicted to go up +8.3 in the next 8 years.