Language arts project

3rd six weeks

brainstorming ideas Graphing organizers

it helps the person think of what there going to write about before start writing down. its a thoughts of mind to think of something to connect to the story.

The Five Sences

  • touch - is when you use something with your hands to feel something for example "she felt the worm air from the washer blow in her face"
  • Sight - is when you look at something using your eyes example "i saw the lovely sunset over the hills
  • Smell - is something you use use with your nose and to smell a scent of food or a nice pie
  • Hear - is something you hear. like the sound of thunder or music
  • Taste - is a sweet taste in your mouth from a slice of Cake or pie

Revising and editing techniques

when u write a summery or a story, you must have all the right grammar,spelling, then if u must edit your paper to find all the missed things you did not use. then

re-write your paper on a clean sheet of paper and add the missed things you did not use.

1st and 2nd person

  1. First person is when the Narrator talks about his self in his own story. Example: "I walked to the park with my friends"
  2. Second person is when Narrator uses He/She in the story. Example: "She walked to the park with her friends

Types of Narratives

  • Time Travel - is when a person goes back or the Future or to a certain year or Date
  • Science Fiction - has to do with UFO's, Sci Fi, Aliens and other stuff.
  • Fantasy - is a make believe story or book, like unicorns and fairys.
  • Mystery - is a meaning of crime or murder to mysterious death that can never be solved.