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Small and Large Diaphragm Microphones

Find out the Miracle in using Compact, Small and Large Diaphragm Microphones

What are Microphones?

Microphones have replaced the usage of traditional mikes. They are compact audio devices which help in converting audio signals to electrical signals which are then recorded conveniently. The importance of Microphones is felt by every professional in the broadcasting and new media fields. As far as broadcasting activity is concerned, microphones stay a flexible element. Professionals can make use of it to obtain maximum convenience in capturing clarity of audio signals.

Why to Invest in Microphones?

In recent days the advent of smart microphones with different diaphragm sizes are available. Each model suits for different recording circumstances such as for concerts, interviews, news coverage, television programs, etc. It has become a mandatory part of video and audio recording modes. When it comes to investing on broadcasting equipments, Microphones also come in the list of important components. Microphones are found to be very useful for recording programs for Private Channels, News Coverage and Concerts.

Advantages of Compact Model Microphones from DPA

DPA is a well known brand that has been producing microphones suitable for different broadcasting and various stereo recording atmospheres. For example, DPA 3541 Large Diaphragm Microphone Kit, DPA 3506 4006 TL Stereo Kit and DPA 3511 4011-TL Stereo Kit are suitable models for recording soloist, boom effect and for clarity of instrumental recordings respectively. Apart from that DPA offers special Microphone Models that can be purchased at relatively excellent prices at DigiBroadcast. For example, 4011-TL Cardioid Microphone, P48 is a best option to record instrumental sounds with more clarity and the list of microphone models goes on.

Advantages of Large Diaphragm Microphone
DPA 3541 Large Diaphragm Microphone Kit, 130V is an excellent option for different levels of soloist recording. It can be invested for everyday usage in recording studios as audio quality appears to be very high. This model comes with stainless steel diaphragm with HMA5000 power supply up to 130v. In addition, this kit also has good harmonic distortion and preamplifier frequency range.

DPA Stereo Kit from DigiBroadcast

DPA SMK 4060 Stereo Microphone Kit is a complete and affordable microphone kit which has compact stereo recording options. This kit is suitable for studios and for stage performances also. It has been provided with different mounting choices including BLM 6000 boundary layer mount and this kind of microphone can be fixed on reflective boundary places such as ceiling, floor, wall, etc. DPA 4090 Omnidirectional Microphone, Hi-Sens, P48 is a suitable application to record instrumental sounds specifically. This type of mike is very useful in sound system alignment. DigiBroadcast offers such top models of micro mikes from top brands like DPA at good pricing. Consumers and professionals can get the best models DPA microphones at relatively affordable rates with no compromise made on quality and shipment.

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