The 39 Clues Doublecross: Book One

By: Noah Berghauser

What Happens In This Book...

Ian Kabra is a very lucky teenager and is the leader of the most powerful family in the world. During a family meeting, they are interrupted by a mystery man who calls himself, The Outcast. He says a riddle that basically says he will create a tragedy and if the teens can't figure out how to solve the riddle or tragedy, The man will become in charge of the family. Ian is then kicked out of his home with his sister. They go for help to their cousins, Dan and Amy. They have to stop the tragedy or else. A powerful moment in my book was the riddle, I then wanted to read more to see what would happen next. " Your first disaster took place at sea, It was sad - rich and poor died in agony, Broke all records for calamity, For those still clad in pajamity, A collision caused terrible losses, In the Maritimes you'll find the crosses, On Mont Black rests the ones to blame, Oh to maim, blind, and kill and have no shame! It will happen again if you can't stop it, At least the Cahill fam will profit."

In conclusion, this made me want to keep reading to see what would happen to Ian, Cara, Amy, Dan, Jonah, and Nellie because I thought that it was powerful. Thank You.