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I have a HUGE goal to beat my best this June. In order to do that I need to book more trunk shows - in home, office, fundraisers of any kind, catalogue party, online, do it with a friend, or any variation. Choose a 2 hour time-frame on any weeknight this June! Easy breezy - cheese & crackers. Simple, no fuss, just clear out a table and invite all your peeps. I'm giving all my June hostesses their choice of a cosmetic pouf & a chance to win a scarf of their choice. Don't want a scarf? No problem. Choose something of equal value!

***MY GOAL IS TO GIVE AWAY OVER $2000 in FREE accessories and I would love if you were one of those lucky hostesses!

Contact me to pick a date: or text me at 613.262.1992 to be on the receiving end of all that free swag!!



Just do it. Just join my team already. It's fun, flexible and it pays well. You work when you want to. Trust me. This is where it's at. Ohhhh, you have no time? Most people do S&D alongside a full time job and a family. We have stylists who are doctors with 4 kids, lawyers, single moms, business owners (me) so really, there's no excuse. What's that? You're not a sales person... Totally. Neither am I. Come again? You don't know very many people... Well, you can't sustain a business on friends & family alone so the sooner you get into strangerville, the better. I am here to help you build your business.

Any more questions? Great. I'll see you at our next meeting. You'll be the one looking all put together in your fab new accessories that you get in your starter kit. $199 (+tax & shipping) gets you $350 free, plus until 5/28 get the Jolie necklace and Scarf as a bonus (see image below) - that's a $500 value!!!. Just give it 60 days. If you don't love it, you can take your shiny new jewels and ride off into the sunset :)

Email me at for more info. Stat.


1. Go to:
2. Start shopping & don't forget to check out the SALE section. New items have been marked down!
3. Place an order, no matter how big or small. You are now automatically entered to win the hostess rewards.
4. Uncheck the default "ship to hostess" option and choose to ship directly to your home or office for $7.95.
5. Get more people to shop from the link and watch the rewards get higher & higher.
6. Plus, for each friend you tell who shops, you'll get an extra entry!

....and GO!


Running two businesses can sometimes be a bit overwhelming at times and certainly time-consuming but I never want you to think I don't care about you or don't care about providing good customer service. In the future, I would like to work at doing a better job contacting each and every one of you personally to make sure you're happy with your purchases. But for now, I thought I'd take this time to check in with you via this newsletter to make sure you're absolutely smitten with your Stella & Dot pieces. And if you're not, please don't hesitate to shoot an email with any issues or concerns to me at: I want to make sure you're happy & satisfied :)

And...if you are in love with your pieces, don't hesitate to let me know that too. I love hearing you gush about how much you adore your Stella & how many compliments you get when you wear it!