True Stories of the 2nd World War

By Paul Dowswell


With 10 epic stories of World War II Paul Dowswell's True Stories of the Second World War contains a large variety of stories. From Naval battles, the Holocaust, battles involving thousands of soldiers, and spies, this book has something for anyone interested in World War II.

These stories tell about the heroes that are unsung. Female pilots and people who cracked codes. Along with spies who made a difference without anyone knowing. Stories with people saving Jews from camps fill this book.

Real Life Facts

  • When a German Police Chief was killed by Czech Soldier the Germans took revenge and killed nearly 1,500 Czechs later in the war.
  • In, Hungary, an anti-Semitic group like the Nazis who killed and persecuted Jews.
  • Of the 437,000 Jews sent to Auschwitz, 365,000 were killed.
  • 3/4 of the Jews in Holland were killed.

Who would enjoy this book?

I think someone who would enjoy this book is someone interested in World War II. With the variety of stories it includes, this could be really interesting for someone like that. It can even be interesting for people not typically interested in World War II.

My Rating

I would probably give this book a 3.5 out of 5. Mainly because I'm someone who isn't terribly interested in the topics, but the book does a good job of making those topics become interesting. I was interested I would say about 80% of the book.


The genre of this book Non-Fiction