Monday Message

May 20th - May 23rd

This is our last Monday Message of the 2018 - 2019 school year - woo hoo! We have a busy, busy week to wrap of our last week of's a look:

Our Week At A Glance....

Monday, May 20th:

*$1 Hat Day for LISD Back to School Fair*

8:45 Attendance Committee Meeting (Kelly & Traci)

9:35 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

10:30 LEAD Summative (Traci)

12:30 Speech IEP Meeting (Traci)

1:20 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

2:20 IEP Meeting (Traci)

3:15 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

Tuesday, May 21st:

* 4th Grade Field Trip*

* Senior Breakfast*

8:00 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

9:30 Attendance Committee Meeting (Traci)

9:35 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

10:30 IEP Meeting (Traci)

12:00 IEP Staffing (Kelly)

1:00 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

3:15 SDI Meeting (Kelly & Traci)

Wednesday, May 22nd:

*Splash Parties*

8:00 Kinder Party

8:30 School-Wide Assembly- Gym*

9:15 2nd Grade Party

10:00 5th Grade CAC Party

10:30 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

10:45 3rd Grade Party

12:30 Speech IEP Meeting (Traci)

1:20 IEP Meeting (Traci)

1:30 4th Grade Party

2:10 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

Thursday, May 23rd:

*Student Early Release - 11:45*

8:30 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony

Something To Inspire.....

Big picture

Something To Make Us Think.....

This Is OSE.....

Have an amazing week - shine bright!