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The Latvian Language is one of the oldest in Europe,a language of ancient India. The usual kind of clothing that people wear are Western-styled clothing. But when holidays come around they wear colorful national costumes during different types of holiday festivals such as: Latvijas Republikas Neatkarības atjaunošanas diena or Restoration of Independents Day,Otrie Ziemassvētki or Boxing Day Second Day of Christmas,and Mātes diena or Mothers Day. Latvians are known for folklore, especially folk music. A known tradition in Latvia for a wedding is stepping through wedding ribbons, it symbolizes "The Future" for the bride and the groom. Another new tradition in Latvia called the unconventional “Go Blonde” parade at the beginning of summer. More than 1,000 blondes from around Latvia, dressed in stereotypical pink and with lapdogs in hand, hit the streets to raise money for charity. Ice hockey is one of the most liked sports in Latvia, many also like watching the national hockey team play. Basketball, Soccer, and other sports are also popular. Most Latvians also like ballet, opera, and Drama. The main religions for Latvia are Lutheran, Russian Orthodox, or Roman Catholic. A classic main dish from Latvia is "Russian-style kvas"

Government and Economy

Latvia has a legislature of 100 members, elected by the people to four-year terms. The legislature elects a president for a four year term. The president serves as the ceremonial head of state. With the legislatures approval the president chooses a prime minister. The prime minister heads the government and, with the aid of a cabinet, carries out government operations. For purposes of local government, Latvia is separated into five administrative regions. Service industries account for over half of both Latvia’s economic production and its work force. Hotels, restaurants, and shops benefit from the increasing number of tourists who visit Latvia from Germany, Lithuania, Russia, and other places.
Manufacturing is also important to Latvia's economy. The chief products include clothing and textiles, processed foods, transportation equipment, and wood products.
This is the prime minister, the flag, and the president.

Current Event

Saturday Profile of Nils Usakovs, first ethnic Russian to be elected mayor of Riga, Latvia; immediately upon the office, Usakovs announced plans to change the focus of his party, Harmony Center, from rights of ethnic Russian minority to socially democratic organization like others across Europe; says that in long run Latvia's politics must be based on ideological values and not on ethnicity.
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Famous landmarks

The Church "St.Peter" in the old city is one of the many symbols of Riga. It is the parish church of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia. Surprisingly the first mention of St.Peters church is in records dating to 1209. The church was a masonry construction and therefor undamaged by a city fire in Riga that year. The second famous landmark in Latvia I chose was the "Architectural Attraction Rizhski castle". It was built in 1910 by a wealthy merchant.
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