America's 1980 Olympic Boycott

America refuses to take part in the Olympics!

Carter Announces Olympic Boycott

Taking place in Moscow, the summer Olympics of 1980 were not attended by the American Nation. This announcement by President Carter came as a result of the Soviet Union failing to agree with Carter's deadline of removing troops from Afghanistan. After the Soviet military's 1979 invasion of Afghanistan, Carter criticized this move and demanded them to leave. With their refusal to comply, Carter saw the Russian government in a new light and banned American athletes to participate in the 1980 Olympics. Furthermore, he banned the trade of grain and information technology with Russia and restricted fishing of the Soviets in American controlled waters. Also, he sent equipment, food and other necessities to help aid Afghanistan in fending off the Soviets. In addition to America, Canada, West Germany and Japan joined the Olympic boycott.

The effects of this boycott were felt heavily among American athletes training to attend. Mixed emotions were felt among American citiens. Many sympathized with the althetes who had worked so hard in training, while others respected Americans commitment to fighting the Soviet's anti-democratic government. Lastly, as a result of this boycott, the Soviet Union composed a boycott of their own during the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

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