The Giver

By: Megan Zieser

Summary of The Giver

The story The Giver is about a young boy named Jonas who is trying to find his place in the community they live in. Jonas is growing up in a futuristic world where everything is very structured. Throughout their childhood, children are observed by the elders in the community as when they turn 12 they will be assigned a task/ job that they will do. Throughout this book the reader is taken along in Jonas’s story as he figures out what is in store for his life and how he will be a very important part of the community.


Wanted: The receiver of memory Jonas is being searched for after it is believed that he took one of the new babies that his family has been watching over. We believe that Jonas has taken Gabriel who needs to be released to elsewhere as soon as possible. The two were last seen at the nurturing center, and rode away on a bicycle. If you see them or have any information of where they may be please let us know so Gabriel and Jonas can be released as soon as possible.