by Chris Gregory

job description

firefighters are the men and woman who protect us from fires and with just about any other emergency but they are epically trained to deal with fires whether it be a forest fire or your average every day house fire they will be there to put it out with the hoses they are able to do this with the hoses because they are hocked up to the hydrant and focused out the end of it to make it concentrated and very powerful it requires two people to operate but that is not all they are also responsible for getting every living thing out of the buildings and if there are people on other floors they would use ladders to reach them and that is just the beginning of it you first have to a long way before you are conceded a firefighter here is what you need to do

work environment

firefighters live and work at what we call a fire house or firer station they eat, sleep, and hang out but they are always ready at a moments notice regardless of the weather conditions or the time of day when the alar sounds that there is an emergency they will respond and be on the way when they are need with the right tools for the job

someinformation you should know

education that you need to be a firefighter

education needed/ where degree is handed out

for you to be a firefighter you need to have and high school diploma and, or major in fire science, fire science is the study of all things fire it teaches you behavior of fire, how to prevent any sort of fire, and how to protect yourself and others from fire

the best colleges to get the degree of fire science are, America university which is located in Washington, D.C, Glendale community collage which is located in Arizona, and Madonna university which is located in Michigan

The total cost of the education in fire science roughly around $8,840

firefighter salary per year

per year on average firefighters will make $62,267 and the amount of money a firefighter will get goes up, depending on the amount of years one has worked as a firefighter

why i chose this career

I chose this career because of how exciting it will be when that first call comes in and I arrive at the burning building it will be a total rush and being able to help people out weather it be holding the hose or going inside the building and pulling someone out of it and it will be nice to meet new people and being able to hang out with may crew at the fire station while I wait for that first call will be fun to