Kyle's awesome Health Progect

By Kyle VanAuker


One of my habits is playing baseball because it helps me get faster and stronger. Another one of my habits is basketball because i love to dribble and shoot. Swimming is another one because i love playing in the water. Finally my last is playing football.


Social health is a big part in my life because they help me through my life. Also it is a big part because they are a good influence to me. They also help because they are helpful and set good examples.
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Social Media

Social Media helps me in my life because i can call people if i am in trouble. I also influences my health because people can find you and do something bad. It is bad because bad people can take you away.
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Eating healthy is a big help in my body because it helps you stay fit. Also it helps you not get big. Also eating healthy can keep you a live. Another reason why it is healthy eating food because it will help you body in side stay healthy.
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