Wound Care

Wounds and how to treat them


An abrasion is a wound caused by superficial damage to the skin.

-Rough surface

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A deep cut or tear in the skin.

-Also has jagged edges

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A cut in your skin.

-Smooth edges

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Puncture Wound

Caused by an object piercing through your skin.

-Very serious if an object hits the bone and gets bacteria inside of it.

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A serious soft tissue injury.

-skin torn from body

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How to stop a wound from bleeding

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Stop the bleeding
  3. Clean the wound
  4. Apply an antibiotic
  5. Cover the wound
  6. Change the dressing
  7. Get stitches if its a deep wound
  8. Watch for signs of infection

When are stitches necessary?

Stitches are necessary if the wound is deep and wide.

  • If the wound is very wide then you probably need stitches
  • Also if its very deep you would need stitches.

Signs of wound infection

  • If the wound is draining pus
  • Skin around wound is red and swollen