They're Sending Us Away

By: Daniel / Mitchell

Perspectives / Points

Some of the perspectives that they talk about is the kid that was sent in to the prison camps with his family. He talks about his experience in the camp, and how he lived and survived, he also talked about his feelings such as seeing violent things. The Second perspective is the Narrator this is because he talks in a third person voice, or after the war had ended, and what happened.

Authors Purpose for Writing this article?

The purpose for writing this article was to make readers understand the feelings/ emotions in what happened in World War II. And to also explain why the War was started between Japan. It's also so that we should think about how bad the War really was.

How does the content of the article reflect the Authors point of view

It makes him think that this War was a really terrible time and that the Japanese were sad. I know this because in the article he states, "and they also sought payment for their suffering and their losses.