Tips on internet safty

Tips on pass word safty

Ways to make your social media safe

one you should not post any thing you would not want your grandma to see. Second you should not put your phone number on your social media website because then some stranger can go on your social media page and get your phone number. Third you should not put your address then any body can find out where you live.

ways to make what you post on the internet is not bad

You should be careful what you post on the internet because then everyone can see any pictures you put on the internet. Then if you say any thing about you or if you say anything about your self and you don't block it where only your real friends on a social media. You should not put your social security number on the internet because then people will know it and then people can take your identity.

why you should make a pass word that is hard but is easy to remeber.

The reason you should make a password hard is because then hackers cannot hack your account on your social media. Why you should make it easy is because then you can remember your pass word and it would be hard and then it would be hard for hackers to hack your social media.