2B Happenings!

Working hard and having fun in 2B!

Upcoming this week:

11/17 - Home and School Meeting 7pm

11/19 - Saint Game (2pm)

Your prayers and good wishes are welcomed for our 2nd Grade Reading Bee Champion, who will proceed to the North Texas Reading Bee on Saturday 11/21.

Also, I hate to do this mid-year, but we did not have loose-leaf wide-rule paper on our supply lists, and 2B needs some! If by any chance you might have a pack laying around you could spare, I'd appreciate it very much!

Plus Portals

Have you checked your Plus Portals lately? I try to update on Thursdays, so the weekend is a great time to check! (I confess, I'm a smidge behind, I'll work to get that updated asap!)

This week in Math

This week in math, work continues on graphs and charts, and learning to read them. We also continue to work on our addition facts, working to get those to be more rote so that we can focus more on multi-step problems! We've also added some logic puzzles to our bellwork to improve our critical thinking skills. :) Math Centers on Tuesday continue to be a popular addition to our week! :)

This week in Language Arts

Work continues on our mastery of singular possessives, plural possessives and contractions. We've almost got it down. This is a difficult concept for the kids (and many adults) but they're doing great. We work together to think of sentences that use these, as well as our previous learned concepts, and our spelling words. We're becoming better writers with all this good practice!

We've been reading A Grain of Rice and studying folktales. We've learned about suffixes and have explored how to make inferences from our reading.

We continue to have fun with writing, reading to self, reading to others and word work throughout the week. Language Arts centers and various activities throughout the week remain an exciting part of our learning experience!

This Week in Science - MAGNETS!

We'll be playing with magnets this week as we continue to explore various forces! :) Mrs. White loves science! We've moved science to Friday afternoons, so Fridays are a really fun day in our world!

Weekly Encouragement!

Our saint of the week is Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. She is a patroness of the poor, and of Catholic Charities. Please take a moment to learn a bit more about her and her inspirational life.

Her story is very timely, as we begin our school Thanksgiving food drive.

Have a lovely and blessed week. :)

2015 11 Veterans Day