Third Grade Loves to Learn

Maple Grove Elementary

May 13, 2016

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Weekly Academic Overview

Math: Math Centers/Stations for Review. Practice Math fact fluency, review and strengthen previously learned skills, computer application, etc. No math homework.

Reading: Learning about Boise History: Shoshone Indians, Early Pioneers, and Fort Boise.

Language: Conjunctions: Coordinating (and, or, but, for, yet, so, nor) and Subordinating (although, since, because, etc.).

Spelling: Sounds of (ou) with ou in beginning and middle positions as in out, shout and sounds of (ou) with ow in final positions as in cow, eyebrow.

Technology: Read Theory, Xtramath, NewsELA

Social Studies: Boise History

Mrs. Self's Contact Information

208/854-5566...Self classroom phone

Mrs. McMullen's Contact Information

208/854-5567...McMullen classroom phone