Last Launch to Kepler-62f

Last launch this upcoming Monday

Planetary Description

Kepler-62f is a rocky planet just like earth. its in the Goldilocks zone. There's another habitual planet in the same solar system.

How Does Kepler-62f Compare to Earth

Name: Earth Kepler-62f

Diameter: 12,742km 17,838.80km

Gravity: 9.8 m/s 13.72m/s

Distance from sun: 150,000,000km 108,000,000km

Temperature: 185/331 (min/max)K Unknown

Length of day: 24 hours Unknown

Length of year: 365 Earth days 267 Earth days

Problems with Kepler-62f

1: Kepler-62f is 1,200 light years away.

2: You have unknown temperatures.

3: Doesn't get that much energy from the sun.

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