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We are proud to invite you to see our client, Angela Lin, in her critically acclaimed performance!

Charles McNulty - LA Times (Critics Choice)

A superb Angela Lin marvelously individualizes Callie's vagueness. She captures the comfortable yet exceedingly narrow band within which her character resides. But she also registers the tremors of longing that Callie has repressed but cannot shake.

Jenny Lower - LA Weekly

As Callie, Lin plumbs even throwaway lines for meaning, revealing new shades of subtext and humor that make the character’s evolution believable and compelling. She is also gifted at making the abrupt shifts between hilarity and tragedy necessitated by the play’s structure feel seamless and authentic... Sueko has created an affecting production, largely due to Angela Lin’s standout performance.

Patrick Hurley - That Awesome Theater Blog!

As Callie, Angela Lin does a fantastic job of shifting from scene to scene, emotion to emotion. We see her internal struggle, we feel her panic, we understand her desire. She evokes us at every turn. Her monologue about the attack is harrowing. But her best moments are when she's looking at words needed. She is able with only a look to convey the passionate, exciting and inquisitive internal world of a person falling in love and it is sublime.

Steven Stanley - StageSceneLA

Beginning with the quirky charms of the absolutely irresistible Lin, who aces both the romcom breeziness of Callie’s pre-crisis scenes and the stark drama of life post-attack in a role that has her scarcely if ever leaving the stage and commanding it throughout the play’s ninety minutes.

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Thursday, Nov. 13th 2014 at 8pm to Sunday, Nov. 30th 2014 at 7pm

39 S El Molino Ave

Pasadena, CA

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