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Spring 2021

Hello, and Happy School Library Month!

Topics in this edition of the Media Center Minute include:

  • Minuteman Reads Book Lists
  • Tech Tools for Reading: Bookshare & Read Aloud Add-On
  • World Bee Day Integration Project
  • New & Updated Resource Guides
  • Media Center Resource Reminders
  • April Observances

Thank you for reading. Best wishes for a relaxing and refreshing April break.


Kara Gleason

Library Media Specialist

Minuteman Reads Book Lists

Minuteman is a community of readers. We were recognized with the 2020 Exemplary Reading Program Award from the Massachusetts Reading Association. "What I'm Reading" signs are displayed by staff around the school. Time for CTE independent reading is built into CTE remote weeks. Recent 9th and 10th grade English/Reading class visits to the library for "book speed dating" and independent reading selection led to 70 books being checked out in just a few days. Literacy is integrated into our school goals.

Book lists offer another way to promote reading. Click on the screenshots below to view some of our newest Minuteman Reads Book Lists. Please consider sharing them with your students. June will feature a list to commemorate LGBTQ+ Pride Month. Let us know if you'd like to suggest a Minuteman Reads Book List theme. Book lists will be shared and posted on the media center website.

Tech Tools for Reading: Bookshare & Read Aloud

Bookshare and Read Aloud are reading technology tools for:

  • Students who prefer audio and digital versions of texts
  • Learners who benefit from hearing the audio version of a reading
  • Readers for whom audio versions of text help with focus
  • People with dyslexia and other reading based learning disabilities

Bookshare: The media center recently began managing Minuteman's Bookshare account. Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Bookshare is an online library of accessible ebooks and audiobooks for people with print disabilities. Bookshare is available for individuals who have a qualifying reading or perceptual disability, a visual impairment, or a physical disability that affects their ability to read printed works. Reach out to request a book for a qualified student.

Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader (video tutorial): Read Aloud is a free text to speech technology available as a Firefox Add-on (and Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge extension). Read Aloud converts digital text on a web browser screen to audio, allowing the page to be read aloud to the reader. View and share this video tutorial to learn the simple steps to add and use the Read Aloud Add-on.

The Buzz about World Bee Day

Minuteman has been buzzing with excitement about the World Bee Day integration project!

Lessons and projects include reading & writing poetry about bees, an exponential function case study on the decline of honeybee hives in the U.S., mason bees and building a mason bee house, anaphylaxis and how to administer an EPI-pen, literacy activities about native bees and the creation of native gardens, and bee aerodynamics.

The media center is helping to collect and curate project and lesson materials into a OneNote Notebook to be shared with staff. Videos will be sent to Multimedia for clip editing and inclusion in an overall integration project video. May 6 is the deadline to submit lessons, projects, and videos. This due date will give the students and staff in Multimedia Engineering time to organize individual video submissions into a Minuteman High School May 20th World Bee Day video production.

Are you participating in World Bee Day? Please use this Microsoft Form to register your topic and submit lessons, projects, materials, and video. Remember to capture video of your World Bee Day lesson or activity in action. Record on your phone by shooting it HORIZONTALLY. Contact Anita Currier to schedule a video recording session with Multimedia.

Special recognition goes to the queen bees of this project, Anita Currier and Pete Kelleher. "Bee" sure to check out the World Bee Day Resource Guide on the library media center website.

New & Updated Resource Guides

In addition to the World Bee Day Resource Guide featured above, the media center has recently posted or updated resource guides for:

Do you have an upcoming project or topic that could benefit from a library resource guide? Please reach out to collaborate.

Resource Reminders

Below are reminders about some of our other library services and resources:

April Observances

Despite being a shorter month, April features several important commemorations.

  • Day of Silence, April 23 (Commemorated at Minuteman on April 16): The Day of Silence is a national student-led demonstration where LGBTQ+ students and allies all around the country—and the world—protest the harmful effects of harassment and discrimination of LGBTQ+ people. Learn more and find out how to take action at the GLSEN Day of Silence website.

  • Earth Day, April 22: Browse ideas for year-round environmental education lessons and stewardship activities with the Education Resource Library from