Price's Press

March 13, 2015

Mrs. Price's Fourth Grade Class

Our reporters this week are Liam, Gracie, Jacob, Kyle, Sahana, Brooke and Sofia . Our "Tweeter" for this week has been Ali H. Please follow us on Twitter @Superb4thGrade.

News You Can Use!

Spring break is right around the corner. As a class, we are now tri-blogging with Miss Heisler and Mr. Schaefer's classes. This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to have a larger audience for their writing. Our class created the posts for the other two classes to read this week. They did a great job writing about where they would like to go for spring break. The posts included why they would go to that location and what they would do when they were there. Ask your child to sign into KidBlog and let you take a look.

Two weeks ago I went to a tech conference for educators and learned more uses of technology in the classroom. Being connected to other resources enhances our learning. Many teachers are using Twitter in the classroom to connect to classrooms, authors, and experts in the fields of areas they study. In order to make those connections the class Twitter needs to be unlocked. Our "tweets" never have first and last names included and our location is not included. I would like to unlock our account to help make some meaningful connections for the class. After spring break I would like to unlock our account. Please let me know if you would prefer the account to stay the way it is and I will not change the settings.


This week in literacy we got a sheet with ten sentences from our weekly story Mrs. Price picked us partners and we had to go look in the story with our partner for all of those sentences and then one of us had taken it home. where also making book trailers on our tablets and we can't spoil it. This is news live from kyle.


Hello! I am sofia burian and I am the science news reporter for the week. I took pictures of what we did on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Monday, we worked on research on biomes and we had to do specific types of biomes. We had seven groups of four. The types of biomes I COULD REMEMBER are, desert, ocean, and I think rain forest.

On Tuesday, we did the same thing. We got a little more research on animals in biomes. I had some trouble finding what animal I should do because everyone in my group had the ones I was thinking to do. But, I finally found ONE.

On Wednesday, everyone's group was finished with their research and we move on. We talked about what we were going to do on Thursday. The thing we are going to do is, we are going to do clarisketch!

On Thursday, we went over what we do on clarisketch. Some people started on Thursday, but, I didn't.


Hi, I am Gracie, and this week I am the reporter for math. Now I'm not in Mrs. Price's class for math, but I am in Mrs. Browne's math class! This week we've been learning about fractions! We learned how to add, and subtract fractions, compare fractions, and even put them in order from smallest to largest! This year at the beginning of math the class does a time test. A time test is were the class has a period of time to do 50 multiplication problems!!
I hope you like the pictures from math.
Thanks for reading, have a nice day!

Skill Building

In skill building we are learning about multiple meaning words. On Wednesday we wrote in our notebooks answers of the right answer the was projected on the board.
On Thursday we went on the skill building haiku page. We did some links on multiple meaning words.
On Friday we did the same thing.
We are going to do a project on multiple meaning words. We are going to have a set of words then write the meaning of the two words on a piece of paper. In skill building it's very fun!:-D


This week in gym(physical education or P.E) we did basketball the full week. Once a week we would have running day or F.I.T day. This week we had running day. The day we had running day was Monday. We were not aloud to walk for 5 minutes. The rest of the 15 minutes we could walk 1 full round around the gym. That is only if we really need to.

On Tuesday we did basketball. First we did the basics like dribbling the ball in place then walking around the gym while you dribble the basketball. We threw the ball at the wall to practice passing the ball. Then we got the really fun part. We got to shoot the ball it we best. It was so fun. Our gym teacher M.r Lebar said that we would rotate boys first to shoot the ball shoot the basket. While we were waiting to rotate we practiced how to shoot the ball.

On Wednesday we played basketball again. It was really fun. Our gym teacher gave us numbers and we would end up being with a partner. The partner would have the same number as you that's how you know. He combined golf with basketball. You would get this sheet that would have the number of the Polly spots. You would have pars and the pars are how many turns you get. If you shot the basket and you made it. You would get 1 point. That is if you got it on your first try. If you get it on your second try than you would get two points. If you get it on your third try than you would have three shots. If you didn't get it on your third try and that was your par than you get four points. It was really fun. We didn't finish the game up so we are going to finish it up on Thursday.

On Thursday we finished up the basketball golf game.Then we added all our points to see who won. After we did that we did that we started a new game of basketball golf. Not everybody got to play a second time because they didn't finish there first round. Before we did any of those we did our warm ups . Those are the most important because they help you get ready for anything you have to do in gym.

On Friday we worked on our throwing and our hitting. The hitting doesn't he'll you with basketball. It held with baseball. The throwing helps mostly ever sport. Which is good. In the game we would have these targets we would have to throw at and they got smaller and smaller as yo went to the left. The last one was really hard . I think that might have been the hardest one. N the batting are we worked on hitting the ball into our target. It was really fun. We also had to try to get it in the goal . We had a really fun time.


On art day we were going over what we were going to do quickly. In art we are working on our molas and when you make a mola it has to be related to nature. Then next art class we got to sit where we wanted and every thing was mixed up but in the end we got it done. When we draw our mola you draw it in pencil and then you outline with sharpie then finally you color with markers. Lots of kids are doing animals. And the animals have to be what kuna women would see. And that is our art week.


We do not have music on Tuesday or Thursday. Monday- We sang all together on Monday practicing are vocal voices. We all have beautiful voices by the way. Wednesday - Mrs.Johnson was sick so we had a sub. She read us a book about the musical alphabet and then we played hang man with those words either boys won or we tied. Friday- Mrs Johnson was here yay! We did stations because we had a test on a song. Reported by: Brooke Kranz.