Kindness is Happiness

Miles Mutschler and Hunter Thompson

Why You Should be Kind:

Being kind and compassionate to others is a necessity, and we as humans should strive to be better at doing so. Below are three ways you can and should be kind, benefiting you, and everybody else.

Psychologists Recommend Being Kind. (Ethos)

Many drugs have been introduced in the modern day to prevent depression, but many people don't understand that being kind can help you feel better as a person. By opening the door for someone, helping someone cleanup a mess, you may think your only benefiting that person. However, being kind like this puts you in a good mood, and has been proven by psychologists to better treat symptoms of depression.

It Will Benefit You, and Others. (Pathos)

If you are kind to others, it might brighten you and that person's day. If your day is brightened, you will naturally be in a good mood, ready to take on the tasks and challenges of the day.

Kindness Reduces Depression (Logos)

Kindness reduces depression, as proved by Dr. Wayne Dyer. In a recent study, Dyer saw that being kind releases serotonin, a natural chemical in our head, that produces an increase in mood. This boost occurs not only in the person who is being kind, but others witnessing around them.

Ways You Can be Kind:

Being kind can be as simple as complimenting someone, to returning their wallet or purse.

The three main and simple ways you can be kind and help someone are:

- Complimenting them

- When they are struggling, provide support, so they feel less stressed.

- Being nicer and compassionate in general.

These are three ways that you specifically can be kind, but there are many more. Overall, being kind has been shown to be helpful for your mental well being, and others. So why not do it?

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