Google News

Google News brings together news from thousands of different sources from around the world in one place. With Google News you can quickly browse the top stories or easily search for a specific topic. “Personalize” your news page to see only the stories that interest you most, or have customized “new alerts” sent directly to your email!

Students can use Google News to:

  • Compare and contrast current events from a variety of sources.
  • Find primary documents related to historical events over the past 200 years.
  • Access the news from their mobile phones – no computer lab required.

Teachers can use Google News to:

  • Customize their front page to stay informed on topics they teach.
  • Quickly show students how to examine bias and reliability in the news.

Here's some ideas.....

Elementary . Find a top news story from a different country each day of the week and save a photo related to the article. Write brief captions for each photo and assemble them in a poster called, “The World This Week.”

Middle School . Have students compare and contrast articles on a single event from different sources, such as the The New York Times, The Guardian Unlimited in the UK, and The People’s Daily Online in China.

High School . In foreign language classes, start each day reading aloud or translating a top news story from an appropriate foreign news source.