Genetically Modified Penguin

Flying Pengle (a penguin and a eagle) By Brian Graves

What are they?

A flying pengle is a normal penguin with the wings of an eagle to fly different places and help people. They put a flying gene into the penguin along with withstanding warm temperatures and having a bigger brain to know where they are going.
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What Does GMO Stand For?

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms.

How Is It Created?

It is created when you take one gene from some organism and put it into another organism like putting the ability to fly into a penguin.

The Two Animals I Genetically Modified.

I used a Penguin or Spheniscidae and an Eagle or Haliaeetus leucocephalus.

Why did I create them?

I created them so they could fly to warmer places and since they are able to withstand warm places you can keep them as pets.

How Will it Affect the Environment/Society?

Alot of people will be interested in them and put them in aquariums to research and learn more about them and over time they will fit in.