Preparing for Exams

Read about tips to help you prepare for your next exam!

Prepare in advance

Two to three weeks for an exam may seem far away. However, time flies quickly. You need to give your self enough time to prepare for the exam. Start reading the material that will be on the exam at least a week or two in advance. If you have more time you can even start before then! Do not study all the information the night before. You do not want to cram all the material in one night. Start reading your notes, books, and any material that is useful.

Understand what the exam will cover

Your professors want you to succeed. They will be happy to go over what the exam will cover. Be sure to ask questions on what chapters, readings, and material the exam will contain. This will be very useful when preparing for the exam. Ask what kind of questions there will be such as multiple choice, true or false, and short essays. Clarifying what the exam will entail will truly help you in studying.

Where to begin studying

This is the time to organize what you need to study. Use your readings you were assigned, I'm sure you have taken good notes during class :) read and understand your notes. Highlight the important stuff you know will be on the exam. If you don't understand something reread it and ask your professor if you have any questions. It is also helpful to rewrite your notes. Making note cards, flash cards, and diagrams will help recall and memorize information. This will help retain more information.

How to study

How you study is very important. Eliminate the distractions. As an adult student it is difficult to make time to study. Take some time to yourself in a quiet area to study. It is best to study for 30 to 40 minutes at a time. Taking at least 5 to 10 minute breaks in between. You do not want to overload yourself with information. It is best to take breaks!

Staying healthy and taking care of yourself

Your health has a lot to do with preparing for an exam. Be sure to keep a well balanced diet. It is important that you eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water. There are foods you can eat that will help you retain the material and stay focused. Foods such as fruits, vegetables, eggs, fish, nuts, and seeds. Aside from eating healthy try to exercise go for a walk, a jog, or stretch. Anything that will get you moving! Last but not least get enough sleep. Staying healthy and taking care of yourself will eliminate the anxiety before the exam.

You are ready for the exam

Use these tips to prepare for your next exam. Some people are just great test takers while other struggle. It is very important to prepare properly. Preparation will help you remain calm and organized for the exam. As an adult student you have a lot going on with work, school, family, and other obligations. It is important to remind yourself of your goals in school and each class. Be confident and believe in yourself!
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