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Jenna Fox

Interview With Jenna!

I got the chance to meet THE Jenna Fox in San Francisco. Sitting down at starbucks, I finally got the chance to have answers.

Me: How did you feel when your parents told you about the biogel?

Jenna: Well at first I was really heated, and didn't understand. I turned cold,dark,scared.

Me: Did you want to survive the accident?

Jenna: No I did not want to be saved!

Me: Why did you love Ethan even though you knew what he did?

Jenna: Ethan was my everything my love, soul, breath. I loved him because he accepted me.

Me: Whats it like to be a mother?

Jenna: Its the most amazing thing, she reminds me of Ethan so much.

Me: Whats it like to be blonde and have blue eyes?

Jenna: Well its not all that great, but I'm glade I look like I do. People think that all blondes are dumb.

Me: Why did you want to go to school?

Jenna: Well I mean having a man as my only friend (Mr. bender) is not what every teenager wants.

Me: What kind of accident where you in? and why?

Jenna: A car crash, and because Kara was going SUPER fast and lost control!

Me: What did your parents tell you in the begining?

Jenna: That I had just woken from a coma!

Me: Do you ever feel like a monster or not a human?

Jenna: Yes, I do all the time. Being kept a secret makes me feel like i'm not sopose to be here.

Me: Why do you put up with all of this?

Jenna: Because I am so lucky to be here living, not dead.

RIP Ethan

Ethan was a good man. Even though he tried to kill a guy. He cleared up his act and fell in love with Jenna. Jenna loved him with all of her heart. He accepted her for who she is not what she is, and Jenna did the same. It is amazing that he changed his old ways.

We love you Ethan!


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New Law!

Yesterday at 3:00pm the FSEB decided to change one of their laws. Now you can have 5% human to be living! This will effect the world because we will have people running around with on 5% human in them. People are saying this is a bad idea for us.

call 318-877-2314 for any concerns


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