The place to be!

The first thing you can do in Mexico is go see a mariachi band. When you see a mariachi there is usually a singer at least two violins one or more guitar players and at least two horn players like a trumpet. If you are thinking about seeing a mariachi band they usually play at night clubs or a private party. Sometimes you can even see mariachi bands playing out on the street of Mexico. A lot of people say that mariachi music kind of represents Mexico. Some people even say that mariachi music is always throbbing with life and excitement.

The next thing you can do in Mexico is play or watch sports.

The first sport that Mexicans like is soccer. Soccer was originally brought to Mexicans by the Europeans. Before they knew about soccer Mexicans had played something like soccer. There second favorite sport is baseball. Baseball was brought to Mexico from the United States. The first ever Mexican baseball player was Roberto Avila. The best sport out of all of these is boxing. Boxing is just the most exciting out of all of these for Mexicans. One of the best boxers ever was César Chávez.

The last thing is dia de los muertos. Dia de los muertos is the day of the dead in English. Many people mistake this holiday as Halloween but it is nothing like Halloween. This holiday is celebrated on the first and second of November. During this holiday Mexicans will paint their faces to look like skulls. Out on the streets of Mexico you will see people selling candy shaped as skulls. If you are in Mexico around this time you will also see that there are mainly skulls everywhere. On the second day of dia de los muertos families will gather for a picnic in the cemetery. This day is to remember our ancestors. This occasion is not sad in any way at all in Mexico. Usually in front of the grave the families will put some kind of fruit a cupcake or a bottle of soda. This is like an offering to the person that was once living.