Team Talk

The Road To Distinctions Week Of January 11, 2016

Culture and Climate

Culture tells people what is truly important. It tells people how to act. Culture consist of norms, beliefs, values, rituals, ceremonies, symbols, and stories that make up the persona of the school.

On the other hand, climate consist of the sharing of ideas, collaboration, egalitarianism, practicality, acceptability, readiness, realistic approach, and innovation.

So identifying a school culture is a complex undertaking. Culture is the most powerful leverage for bringing about change in a school, or for any organization for that matter.

School climate is the communication of its norms, beliefs, and values through various behaviors and interactions of staff, administration, students, support staff, and the outside community.

Why is school culture so important? What research tells us:

"Positive learning can only take place in a positive culture. A healthy school culture will affect more student and teacher success than any other reform or school improvement effort currently being employed".

We have recently received our climate survey results from the fall semester. In the coming weeks we will do some sense making of the results of the survey in an effort to take our campus to the next level, the earning of distinctions.