A good way to make conclusions or bad way to stereotype?

Who Am I?

My name is Nathan Litka and I am sixteen years old. I go to FL. Schlagle High School where I study the principles of knowledge and the application to daily life. I often spend most of my free time studying controversial issues and how they came to be issues. I made this blog to give my research and opinions on such issues to educate the world.

Essential Question

Profiling is a recurring topic for statistics and research but there is no solid evidence either way. I feel that race, socioeconomic status, and age are the most common form of profiling and are the most mentioned in the news which is why such a large portion of this is about such topics.

Profiling has also started to spike arguments in my life and I started wondering does profiling really work and is it an accurate use of data or a biased hate of a specific group.

Explanation Of Topic

I have always thought that profiling was a way to prevent crimes and but recently I have had friends that have been on the wrong end of profiling and it caused hurt feelings and bad attitudes. Also, in the news, a recurring topic is racial inequality a recent example is the lack of "diversity" at the Oscar nomination, not a single black actor was nominated in three years coincidence or racial bias?

Method For Retrieval Of Data:

A link to a survey was posted on Google Forms for students of Mr.Williams class to answer.

All of the questions were completely anonymous and all students answered all of the questions.

A total of twenty-one answers were submitted.

Some students posted additional information on the topic if they wanted to.

Race And Gender

Gender profiling is also a form of profiling that is not rare but less common than racial profiling. Often the media talks about how women are more often profiled than men but is this true?

Racial profiling is the most common form of profiling as heard in the news and is a very sensitive topic. People have been fired from jobs and taken out of shool for racially offending someone.

Explanation Of Questions:

The retrieval of gender and race data is vital to find out what race experiences the most racial profiling or feels they are oppressed. Asking gender and race data also reveals what races are profiling more.

Data Retrieval questions

Explanation Of Questions:

Asking people if they have ever been profiled can be related to the race or attributes by examining individual surveys to find a correlation between people and their race or attributes.

Asking people if they have profiled shows what racial group is responsible for most of the profiling.

Asking people if they know someone who has ever been profiled is to get more outside data from people who are not taking the survey.

Personal Responses:

I set up questions to see how students in high school would handle theoretical events.

I am thinking that people who said they have profiled someone in the past will answer honestly as someone who has had a bad experience with the police might be more inclined to answer dishonestly based on past events. People who have someone in their family as a police officer might also be inclined to one answer.

Online Research:

Profiling is so evident in the United states that it super easy to find people outraged at the actions of government workers, As a result, online journalists have several stories online.

The data shows that Black drivers were twice as likely as White drivers to be arrested during a traffic stop. Hispanic drivers were the most likely to receive a ticket.

Shootings By Race In the United States

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The data shows that white (besides Unknown/other) people are the majority of deaths by police gunfire, but we must remember that only thirteen percent of the population of the United States is Black or African American. ideally, the percent of a race should be the same as the percent of convicted people.

Example 14.3% of the United States is Black or African American. The amount of deaths for black people or African Americans should be 14.3%

Of the 85 deaths reported 9 of the victims were black 9/85 is 0.10 meaning that 10% of police inflicted deaths are black in the month of January(2016).

Oppressed Or Criminal?

The problem with the data above is how can we know if the police are targeting races or if larger portions of certain races are more criminally inclined? I hate to think that one race is more "criminal" than another so I have researched and discovered that image has a lot to do with who a police officer will be more obliged to "take Action" or have an employer be more inclined to not hire someone. Sadly Most teens in our generation dress like "thugs" and most popularly in Black and African American cultures.

What Does Sagging Pants Have Anything To do With It?

The reason it is assumed people with sagging pants are up to no good is backed up with a long history often affiliated with gangs and thug culture. The popularization of "sagging" began in the early 1990's when hip hop artists started the phase in order to introduce prison culture into music as often rappers do. Sagging is popular in prisons because Prisoners are not allowed to have belts because they could hang themselves or use the belt buckle as a weapon

Some officials have outlawed the practice of sagging such as a council member of Ocala, Florida Mary Sue Rich. If caught sagging a fine of $500 can be administered for "severe Cases" whatever that means.

Stop-And-Frisk Statistics (2010-2011)

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Protected Race?

It's Because I'm Black!

After sitting down with some teachers at a high school they have had personal encounters with students that think they have bad grades because of their race. In a class of mostly black students, how can you claim that the reason for bad grades

Effects Of Profiling






Is there a protected race?