The Ten O'clock News

Newsletter of the Ten O'clock Line Chapter, NSDAR

April, 2015

Regent's Message

I'm happy to be back in touch with all of you! I appreciate your patience during the interruption of newsletter service....I hope you're as glad to be reading this as I am to be typing it.

Our annual Good Citizens Dinner and Awards in March was a hit! Thank you to Jackie Burke and the committee's efforts to make it a wonderful evening! We were so honored this year to be joined by Senator Rod Bray. I think the students, their families, and our daughters had a great evening!

We're nearing the end of our meetings for this year, as we have only three remaining. Now is the time to start thinking of what programs you'd like to have beginning in September. Mrs. Young, our President General, has encouraged all chapters to have a service project in October to celebrate our 125th year as an organization. I think that is a wonderful idea; and I welcome everyone's suggestions for a project. Even if you aren't able to attend our meetings here in Morgan County, I encourage all of you to give back in some way to whatever community you currently serve!

Lastly, did everyone know that our chapter has a Facebook page? It has been getting quite a bit of traffic lately....we're almost at 100 likes! If you do have an account and have not 'liked' it yet, what are you waiting for?

Enjoy the spring!


Our Amazing Daughters

Welcome New Ten O'clock Line Daughters!

Ten O'clock Line Daughters are doing great work in helping our chapter grow! Welcome to our four (yes, four!) new daughters that were approved in the months of March and April: Peggy Benson, Mina Enk, Sarah Hummell, and Katelyn Richmond.

Keep up the great work!

Helping our Homeless Veterans

The Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation is currently in need of non-perishable food items. So, the "item of the month" for our April meeting will be...... non-perishable food!

Some examples: canned meats (tuna, chicken, salmon, etc.), peanut butter, boxed pasta, canned pasta sauces, boxed dinners, canned fruit, and soup. Please note, they cannot accept items in glass jars. Click here for their full wish list.

Thank you to Phyllis Cooper for transporting our donations to the veterans!

Genealogy / Supplemental Line Workshop

Once again, Old Man Winter spoiled an exciting opportunity for our chapter. Due to a hefty snowstorm, we had to postpone our Genealogy Workshop that was scheduled in February. We will be re-scheduling the workshop and will announce the new date via email, newsletter, and our Facebook page.

Patriots Corner

Cornelius King

Cornelius King was born November 7, 1753 in New Castle Delaware, one of Peter and Mary King’s 7 children.

In 1774, he Served in a company raised by Jacob Friend during the Dunmore's War, a prelude to the Revolutionary War. Fought in the Battle of Point Pleasant on Oct 10,1774. A force of 1100 American troops fought a force of 300-500 Shawnee and Mingo Indians. Jacob Friends company only had 20 survivors, Cornelius King being one of those.

During the Revolution he served under Captains Josiah Howland, Benjamin Linn, and Patrick Brook; as well as Colonels J & B Logan and Clark.

After the war, he married Sarah, and they had 11 children.

They moved to Indiana some time after 1785, settling in Morgan County.

He died August 26, 1839 and is buried in the Williams - Bradford Cemetery on Henderson Ford Road in Martinsville.

Cornelius King has no Ten O’clock Line descendants.

Committee Spotlight

Flag of the United States of America

This committee was designed to promote a strong patriotic feeling and respect for our flag in 1909. Its principle objectives then are still fundamental today: to keep the flag flying, to protect it continuously under all conditions, and to educate citizens regarding its correct usage. (source: NSDAR Committee page)

Do you know when it is appropriate to lower the flag? Do you know who gave our flag her famous "Old Glory" nickname? You can find answers on a wonderful site, This site is a great resource for all things flag-related, including the most current version of the U.S. Flag Code.

How can we all help this DAR committee with its ongoing objectives? You need only look skyward! Do you see flags that are faded, stained, torn, or weather-damaged? Don't hesitate to start the conversation. Most people don't realize that their flag should be retired - and many appreciate the assistance in doing what is right with our most sacred banner! Not comfortable approaching the subject? Simply notify your Flag of the United States of America Committee Chairman, Susan Richardson or Chapter Regent Stephanie Resler!

Upcoming Events

April Chapter Meeting - History of the Academy Building

Tuesday, April 21st, 1pm

Academy Building, 250 N Monroe Street, Mooresville, IN 46158

Hostesses: Patty Dow, Shanan Dow, Tami Hicks

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

May Chapter Meeting - Revolutionary Patriot Grave Tour

Saturday, May 9th, 11am

701 East Morgan Street

Martinsville, IN

Meet at the American Legion Post 230

Tour graves of Revolutionary War Patriots in Morgan County

Hostesses: All members - pitch-in lunch

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

INDAR State Conference

Friday, May 15th, 9am to Sunday, May 17th, 3pm

7202 East 21st Street

Indianapolis, IN

State Conference Schedule available on the Indiana DAR members' website.

"Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love!" ~ Sitting Bull

"In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours." ~ Mark Twain

“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.” ~ Ranier Maria Rilke