Video Game Developer

By:Hunter Nutt

Nature Of Work

  • Write codes to control game play.
  • Design characters, backgrounds, and other elements of a games looks.
  • Create music and sound effects.
  • Develop plots, text, and dialogue.
  • Oversee the work.
  • Would work in an office or home.


  • Michigan State University.
  • 2 year of College or Technical training.
  • 4 year College or University.
  • English, Literature, Mathematics, Social Studies, Economics, Dramatic Arts, Visual Arts, Computer Programming, and Computer Science.

Personal Impressions

  • Money is Good.
  • Can be a successful company.
  • The game being a top seller.


  • Start from $21.65 and go up to $61.01.
  • Almost $93,000.
  • In Michigan $26.87/hr and $55,890 yearly.