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Elias Burkle; Editor-in-chief

The Story Behind the Store

When deciding what to eat you should highly consider the workers who pick, process and transport it. If they are unhealthy or unsanitary, then you are at extreme risk of deadly sickness and disease. The chances of catching life threatening diseases are very high because working conditions in factories and other food processing plants are filthy and dangerous. Workers develop bone and muscle defections due to the awkward position they are in for hours at a time. Not to mention the repetitive work procedures they continuously do for hours on end. They also bear the putrid task of picking and processing raw, bloodied and sometimes even sickly meat; well below the standards fit for human consumption, with their bear hands. These vile working conditions are none the less the cause of many work, and disease related deaths.

Capitalists Without Government

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Capitalists were very ruthless, and children had no choice but to work extremely long and rough hours for their survival. Poverty was not uncommon during the the Gilded Age, and factory jobs were very convenient. The adult in the cartoon represents greed, and holds a whip when a child stops working. Though the taskmasters could not whip their employees lawfully, it shows the brutality children and women faced during the time.

Letter to Alice Paul

Dear future citizens of the United States,

I am Alice Paul writing to you about the hardships I have overcome to bring women the freedom to have a voice, the freedom to stand up for what they believe in, and the freedom to pursue happiness. I have been attacked, starved and imprisoned for women's suffrage. We were hesitant to walk with black women because we feared the loss of support, but they insisted to march in the parade, and they did because they deserve every right we're fighting for as we do. Unfortunately, the spectators grew furious with our cause, and charged in to attack us while drunk, and threw their empty alcohol bottles in our direction. But this was only the beginning of the path to equal rights.

Our organization planned and decided to protest outside of the white house, no matter the weather. We were imprisoned and charged for speaking up for what we believed in, but they saw us as a mockery to the government and the president. We simply used quotes and promises made by the president himself, and they simply punished us. For this, I realized the cause had not yet died simply due to imprisonment, but instead should grow from it. I decided to gain the attention and sympathy of the public by going on a hunger strike because if I died, the blood is on their hands. Unfortunately, they force fed me. This was the most disturbing and undescribable time of my life, and caused me to vomit many times in the process. Eventually, many of the others joined me on the hunger strike. The government could not force feed all of us, because it would be much too time consuming and a struggle.

After the sentence was completed, the campaign continued. After weeks of fighting, protesting, and marching, the fight was over. Though the government was ver busy handling the war efforts, they had no choice to agree to women's suffrage. The women of America own every right the men do to speak freely, vote, and become a critical part in the United States' politics and society.

United States Forced to Join the War

The Lusitania has been sunk, and there is no one to blame but Germany. The sinking of the Lusitania cause the deaths of 128 innocent Americans. As the United States citizens' were being transported, nearby German U-boats fired torpedoes at the vessel, which gave America no choice but to join the war.

Strikes Outbreak during Peace Plan

President Wilson was busy promoting his peace plan after the war and was not interested in workers' causes. One example occurred in Seattle WA when workers in all industries staged a general strike. Another example occurred in Boston MA with a police strike. Lastly, a nationwide steel and coal strike occurred September 1919 to January 1920.

Roaring 20s Entertainment

Pleasure and entertainment in the Roaring Twenties offered an exciting variety of leisure pursuits. People went to the movies, the theatre, clubs, and the massive sports stadiums, The radio provided entertainment at home bringing music, news broadcasts, drama and comedy to American houses on a daily basis. People were fascinated by airplanes and flight and 'barnstormers' toured the nation offered flights and displays which included the daredevil 'wing-walkers of the Roaring Twenties.

Babe Ruth

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Babe Ruth was an all-star American athlete, and one of the greatest Baseball players who ever lived. Born on February 6, 1895 in Baltimore, Maryland. He began on the Red Sox Minor league team, and soon went on to become a New York Yankee. The Babe's career couldn't have been better. Going on to rewrite record books, Babe Ruth was an amazing ball player, and everyone of the roaring 20s wanted to see him in a live game.

Gilded Age State: Kansas

Kansas was known as a huge part of the Gilded Age because it was the heart of the construction of the railroad that would build America. The railroad caused civilization to spring up faster than ever. Towns and cities were built and grew exponentially over time. The railroad supported trains that transported wheat and cattle between cities.

Progressive/Imperialism State: New Mexico

New Mexico is classified as an imperialistic state because it became a state due to imperialism. America's Imperialistic beliefs turn to the south to Mexico. America goes to war with mexico for the area that is now the state of New Mexico.

WWI State: New York

New York played a large role in WWI, especially because of Uncle Sam. The nickname came from Sam Wilson, a meat packer from Troy, NY. The famous image of Uncle Sam was created by James Montgomery Flagg during WWI with the words "I want you for the US army."

Roaring 20s State: Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a famous state for the growth of the roaring 20s because it's city life was always out with the old and in with the new. Lots of products and fashion burst from the city of Boston. It was the heart of the roaring 20s lifestyle.