My Life in 10 Years

By: Logan Sparks

High School

In High School, I plan to have good grades and become a well know and college recruited player in the sports I play.. I hope by my senior year I will know the college I want to go to.. By this time maybe I will have either a full scholarships for either sports or just academic but I just hope I get a scholarship somewhere..


In College, I hope to get a masters degree in Sports Marketing or Engenering while maybe playing sports.. I want to get this degree because I want to become a marketer for a professional football or baseball team.. If I am not playing for one..


My goal after college is to get a job at a place for sports marketing for a big sports company or for a big sports team.. By this time my goal is to have a wife..


1. Finish High School with Good Grades..

2. Go to college on a scholarship..

3. Get a degree in sports marketing or engenering..

4. Have a job at any big company or sports team..

5. Have a wife..

6. Have a 2 story house when we have kids..

Thing That Will Derail My Goals

1. Doing Drugs

2. Drinking

3. Not Getting Good Grades

4. Get in Trouble

5. I am not Dedicated to Sports/School Work

Things that must happen to get my goals

1. Don't Do Drugs

2. Don't Drink

3. Get Good Grades

4. Don't Get in Trouble

5. Dedicated to Sports/School Work