Sexy in the City

Chloe's Bachelorette Bash


We've got a night full of risque fun planned for the beautiful bride to be! We ask that you come prepared with a few things to make the night memorable :)

1. WEAR BLACK: Chloe will be wearing a white dress and she would like us all to wear black so that the pictures all turn out really cute.

2. BRING A PAIR OF NEW PANTIES: Yes, you heard me right. We are going to play a game where we all bring a pair of new panties and hang them up and make chloe guess who brought which one. Try and not make it too hard on her because she will have to take a shot for each guess she gets wrong :) At the end of the game she will be able to take home all of the sexy underwear for Mac's enjoyment, our little gift for the bride and groom.

3. BRING SOME ALCOHOL: I will be providing a couple of bottles of champagne for the hotel room for everyone and some liquor to play the games with but if you want to drink more than that before going out the the bars bring whatever you would like!

4. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE INSTAGRAM DOWNLOADED: Gen had the brilliant idea of having everyone take instagram photos throughout the night and tagging the pictures with the hashtag #chloesbacheloretteparty SO DO IT!


The Start of the Night

Friday, Aug. 23rd 2013 at 5pm

1101 Lasalle Avenue

Minneapolis, MN

I ask that everyone arrive at the DoubleTree Hilton Downtown Minneapolis Hotel by no later than 5PM if possible so everyone will get there before I show up with Chloe so she gets surprised!!!!!! I would suggest carpooling so parking will be cheaper for everyone. I have Alissa Johnson in charge of decorating the hotel room and she will arrive before everyone along with a few other bridesmaids. When you get to the hotel call/text her and she will give you the room number to go to. Her number is (612) 202-1494. If you are having problems getting ahold of her my number is (612) 387-8113 but try not to text unless there is a problem since I will be with chloe. :)


{4:00} Bridesmaids arrive to Decorate Hotel Room

{5:00} Guests arrive at the hotel

{5:30} Chloe shows up at hotel SURPRISE!!!!!!

{5:30-7:45} Pregame, play bachelorette games, get ready and primp if needed :)

{8:00} Dinner reservations at CRAVE rooftop

{9:30-1} Bar Hopping

{1-2} Dudes from bachelor party picking us up to go limo cruising

Any questions and RSVPS can come to me! Taylor - (612) 387-8113 or


Girl Gone Wild by Madonna