Laughing at my Nightmare

Shane Burcaw

Looking at the Bright Side

Shane has a disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy that will eventually kill him. He has turned something that he couldn't even control into some wonderful. He now is a internet sensation having over 500,000 people follow his blog.

10 New Facts I Learned

With this all being new to be I know nothing about this topic

1. I learned that people are born with this disease

2. Most people who have SMA spend most of their time in a motorized wheel chair

3. This disease is caused from a missing neutron

4. The missing neutron causes you to lose motor control and lose almost all of your control over your own body

5. SMA disorder can be inherited if both parents have a defective gene

6. That there are 3 different type of SMA

7. A blood test can decide if you have SMA

8. Affects every 1 in 10,000 babies

9. SMA doesn't affect learning, ability to think or build a relationship

10. No cure is discovered yet for SMA


The book is basically his life through his eyes. Its very interesting to see how he takes what he had no control over and turn it into something amazing. The book starts out with him going on a tour or road trip. Throughout the whole book he just reveals his biggest fears and most exciting moments. He does not hold back when he starts going on with his stories and seem very truthful. Its a memoir so there is not really a chronological order because he is always going back in time and telling stories.

New Fact and My Opinion

In every 10,000 births there is one child that has to deal with SMA and has no control over receiving this and will be affected with this the rest of his or her life. I think it's super sad that these kids will not get to experience and enjoy the same things that kid without SMA get too. Also they will almost always have to have someone looking over them