Reader's Theater


A Teacher's Guide to selecting Reader's Theater

  • 1. Select a Reader’s Theater script that will appeal to your readers.

  • 2. Read the script yourself and decide which parts to assign to students. Parts can be assigned based on reading ability, length, or other criteria.

  • 3. Read script to students as the follow along. Discuss setting, plot (main idea of the script), characters (people/animals; what are they like), events, and resolution. Then assign parts and guide students in making their parts.

  • 4. Encourage students to participate reading their parts alone or with a partner. Some students may be able find easy-to-use props that can enhance meaning and promote engagement.

  • 5. When students have practiced so they read with expression to help convey meaning, perform the script for other students in the class. Repeat the performance for a variety of audiences.

  • 6. Provide additional opportunities for students to participate in reading and sharing scripts.
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    Peter Brown in The Creepy Carrots Zone