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Drive-thru Meals • Annual Report • Transportation Update

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New drive-thru pick-up meal service locations beginning Sept. 28

Don’t forget! Beginning Monday, Sept. 28, drive-thru meal pick-up will be available from 11 a.m.-noon on Mondays and Wednesday at four locations rather than five. There is no need to pre-order or select a location ahead of time. You can pick up meals at any one of the following school sites based on what is most convenient for you. Please note the change in locations:

Pick-up locations - Sept. 28-onward

As a reminder, due to extended USDA funding all school breakfast and lunch meals are free* (at no cost) to Blue Valley School District families. This includes students that are in-person in the school cafeterias and at the meal pick-up locations for remote learners. No free and reduced meal application is necessary to receive these free meals. The district has been approved for this no cost breakfast and lunch option through December 2020 or until funding runs out.

*Students participating in the school meal program in-person must order a “student meal” (1/2 c. fruit or vegetable serving with two other food groups (protein, grain, dairy, vegetable) to qualify for free pricing. Anything outside of what is considered a student meal (a la carte, second entrees, extra items, etc.) will be charged to a student’s account. To add funding to your child’s account, visit the TITAN School Systems payment website.

For additional information, please visit the district website or contact Mary Rondon, RD at 913-239-4254 or mrondon@bluevalleyk12.org.

2019-20 Annual Report for Blue Valley Schools

The 2019-2020 school year was filled with numerous celebrations and several notable moments and milestones - from the creation of a new strategic plan and the 2020 Bond election, to unprecedented building closures amid a global pandemic and everything in between. Relive these memorable moments in the district’s 2019-2020 Annual Report. The Annual Report is a reflection of the district’s commitment to reimagining learning so that our students can change the world.

When should my child stay home from school or practice?

Did you know the symptoms of COVID-19 are similar in adults and children and can look like other common illnesses, like colds, strep throat, or allergies? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the most common symptoms of COVID-19 in children are fever and cough. If your child has these common COVID-19 symptoms or others identified by the CDC, please:

  • Keep your child home

  • Call your child’s healthcare provider to discuss whether your child needs to be evaluated or tested for COVID-19. If you suspect that your child or someone they know has COVID-19 or has come into close contact with someone who has COVID-19, visit Coronavirus self-checker. This online tool will help you decide when to seek testing or medical care for your child.

  • Protect yourself from COVID-19 while caring for your child

  • Notify your child’s school that your child is sick. Also inform the school if your child has had a COVID-19 test and what the result is, if available.

  • Review your child’s school (or other childcare facility) policies related to when a child who has been sick can return.

  • Bring your child back to school or other in-person activities only after they can safely be around others.

Transportation update for middle and high school families

Middle school and high school families who registered for bus transportation by the initial deadline should have received a letter from Durham in August with bus stop location, stop time and bus number. The letter provided stop times for when the district is in hybrid or all in-person learning. Durham has decided to use the all in-person learning stop times regardless of what mode the district is in. If you have any questions regarding bus registration or your stop times, please call Durham at 913-681-2492. Note that it is best to call between 9 AM – 2 PM or email admin6700@durhamschoolservices.com.