My two year career plan

The route to success

My journey over the next two years and onwards.

In two years time, my career goals are: to be a supervisor at Ted Baker due to my ambition and hunger to progress. To have graduated from the level 4 course with excellent qualifications that will help give me options for the future. To have moved out as I would like to have my own space and live independently, and lastly, to have become an experienced and skilled driver since passing my test the year before.

The requirements that I will need for this are as follows: a level 4 qualification, work experience through college and through work and passion, drive and hard work which will be the fuel to my success.

Along the way, I will rely on some to help me. These include, work, through getting advice from management as well as further opportunities, college, through finishing my studies in order to gain the qualifications that I require, organisations and websites, through looking on websites such as for advice and help.

Skills, achievements and hobbies that I have include selling and service skills, I am experienced sales advisor, hoping to progress further. I have an interest in retail and business and have qualifications relevant towards it. I am very interested and enjoy fitness and excel in that. I also like to read, cook and write, as well as spend time with family.

My plan of action to reach my career at the end of two years is as follows: work hard and strive to succeed, have a clear plan of action to follow in order to reach my goal, do my research, complete my studies so that I have options, maintain the close ties that I enjoy with family and friends, not overset myself too many targets, build a list of contacts that can help me to further myself, look at places to move to, posses hunger to learn new skills that can help me in the future years.