Wanted: Fowl Scavenger That's Sweet

I'm looking for mutual relationship.

It's been weeks since I have eaten honey.

Our relationship will be mutualism. I am an an honey badger. I am very good at getting honey , once I find it. You will need to be able to find honey quickly and efficiently. I need you because honey is an important food source for me. You will be able to get all the honey you want once I get my share. It will be a fun relationship. It will benefit both of us.
I am very nice and I love to eat honey. How can you say no to this face.
If you are related to him and love to find honey nests, we can have a mutual relationship.
Our ancestors got along and helped each other out for years. We can do it to. We will need both us to do our part to for our relationship to be the best.
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Honey Badger (Mellivora capensis)

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