Technologies and Tools by Harry Ren and Mazen Malak


  • molecular/gene cloning

this cloning is the process that creates identical DNA molecules.molecular cloning has led researchers to identify, localize and characterize genes; create genetic maps and sequence entire genomes; associate genes with traits and determine the molecular basis of these traits.

  • animal cloning

cloning animals is achieved through embryo splitting. which is like the same process as splitting embryos to form twins, but instead of in the womb its in a lab setting

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^this is a picture of how cloning works^

Protien Engineering

  • Purpose
to create and improve proteins not found in nature.These proteins may be used in drug development, food processing and industrial manufacturing.

  • Medicine

medical researchers have used protein engineering to design novel proteins that can bind to and deactivate viruses and tumor-causing genes, and create especially effective vaccines

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Recombinant DNA Technology

  • What it is

The technology is when 2 pieces of DNA from different organisms and joining/recombining them together.

  • Purpose

Recombinant DNA technology is used to genetically modify animals and plants for certain needs. It is also used along with selective breeding to decrease the chance of having a unexpected trait or body part.

  • Example

Insulin in humans who has diabetes are now able to make there insulin useful by applying insulin that works from another human to the diabetes patient.

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