Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Alexis Mutzbauer


It is unknown the cause of IBS but we know that the walls of our intestines are lined with muscle to move food through the digestive system. When the muscles contract for too long or too short this is IBS.

Body Systems

The digestive system and large intestine is what is most effected by IBS. The large intestine is what creates bile and the digestive system is the process of digesting food and taking the nutrients to store and use and excrete the excess material. Living with IBS includes symptoms of discomfort. One might find themselves with bloating, gas, cramps, mucus in stool, and diarrhea or constipation. Thankfully this diagnosis can be managed by changing diet, lifestyle, and controlling stress. There isn't however and for of medication or cure because it is still unclear what causes IBS.


Since we don't know what causes IBS treatment is for symptoms that are present. This includes eliminating high gas foods, gluten, FODMAPs (types of carbohydrates such as fructose, fructans, lactose, and others). Picking a diet includes finding one that eliminates food that trigger your IBS. You can also try counseling or use techniques to control anxiety that IBS might cause.


No real prevention. The only thing known to help is to be able to control the anxiety one might feel. They have counselors that can help you learn how to deal with living with IBS as well as learning situational techniques such as deep breathing and staying relaxed.
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