Tiananmen Square

How a peaceful protest evolved into a civil rights standoff

Back round Information

  • Tiananmen is a large city in the center of Beijing
  • On April 15,1989, the former head of the Chinese communist party died
  • Mao thought that education was a obstacle to communism

The Protest

  • Students in Beijing gathered in the square to honor Hu's memory
  • Groups of Hu's mourners who were mostly progressive and liberal began to gather at the square
  • Soon the mourners were accompanied by civil servants, factory workers, and others who were unhappy with the current regime
  • Attracted millions of protestors

Squashing the protest

  • The government believed that the protestors were aggressors
  • The military made there way into Beijing
  • They quickly ended the protest by killing hundreds of people

After effects

  • The United states and other members of the U.N placed new sanctions of China
  • Many Chinese born after the brutal killing had little knowledge of the event
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