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Cold Spring Elementary School

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Frosty the Carman

It was another typical morning in the Finger Household. Our two high school daughters were preparing for school, and our ninth grader asked if we could go to Wawa to get some food for her lunch (I guess the selection in the house did not meet her specifications). I responded, "If you can talk your sister into driving you there, go for it!"

Twenty minutes later, I saw the two of them out in the driveway, furiously trying to get the frost off the car windows. I saw windows going up and down, wipers flying back and forth, etc, all in an attempt to get the windows clear so they could get to Wawa and back before the bus arrived. Did you think to let the car warm-up for a few minutes? Did you happen to put the defroster on? These were just two of the questions that were running through my head as I watched this circus unfold in our driveway.

Then I wondered, maybe it's my fault that they don't know how to defrost the car windows? Maybe I have not taken the time to show them how to do it? Maybe I dropped the ball? And maybe these questions apply to many other things I expect my kids to be able to do (unload the dishwasher, fold their clothes and put them neatly in their drawers, empty their schoolbag each day) but have failed to take the time to teach them to do correctly. Maybe I assume too much?

In education, we know the value of clear and concise models for our students. We can never "assume" that just because it makes sense to us, then it must make sense to them as well. If we expect our students to be able to complete a given task, we must provide them with good models from which to work. If our expectations are not clear, it only stands to reason that our students will not be able to produce what we expect from them.

Obviously the same applies to my role as a dad!

Superintendent Visits Cold Spring

Wednesday, March 6th 2013 at 2pm

Cold Spring Cafeteria

Join us for an informal meet & greet with Central Buck's Superintendent, Dr. Green.


  • 6th - Dr. Green visits with parents @ Cold Spring (2PM)
  • 9th - Mother/Son Game Night (7PM)
  • 13th - H&S Meeting (7PM)
  • 20th - Spotlight on the Arts (Grade 1 @ 6:30; Grade 3 @ 7:30
  • 22nd - Blood Drive (2-7PM)
  • 28th - Portfolio Conferences (8AM - 4PM)
  • 28th - 31st (No School - Easter Break)

Cold Spring's Electronics Policy

Are electronics permitted at school, you ask? Read on for answers...

  • Kindles & Nooks (Yes, if used for reading purposes)
  • Cell Phones (Not permitted)
  • Ipods (Not permitted)

NOVA Cyberbullying Presentation for Parents

Thursday, March 7th 2013 at 7pm

Cold Spring Gymnasium

Learn about the Cyberbullying Program we use with 5th graders in Central Bucks.

Central Bucks School Board Briefs

At the February 26, 2013 School Board Meeting, the Central Bucks School District School Board:

1. Heard the Jazz West performance before the school board meeting.

2. Heard the Academic Spotlight about the Naviance Report from Michael Curtis, Counselor at CB West, and Taryn Barrett, Counselor at CB South.

3. Heard the Superintendent’s Report and Curriculum, Finance, Human Resources, and MBIT Committee Reports.

4. Approved School Board Minutes.

5. Approved Treasurer’s Report.

6. Approved contract with Public Financial Management (PFM) for Financial Advisor Services as the District looks to restructure its debt.

7. Tabled School Board Policy 806 – Child Student Abuse so that proposed policy can be posted on-line and discussed at appropriate committee meetings.

8. Approved various personnel items, student trips, and staff workshops.

9. Received the Semi-Annual Rating of Elementary and Secondary Temporary Professional Employees