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MOST IMPORTANT...BRAIN CAMP! March 12-17. At times 9 am-12 pm, Monday through Friday, at First Baptist Church 1234 Main Street, Town, City!

PJ DAY, February 22! You and your clients can wear your pajamas to your session! Be ready to have a jam!

SECRET VALENTINES, February 12. You will be randomly selected a person to give a sweet gift to! Presents must be respectful and appropriate! Have fun!

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Tips for YOU, and to get you back on track!

We all know that we have a client that we don't really like to work with, or just really don't like, and dread to see them, lets be real. Instead of enjoying yourself and putting all your effort into them you feel miserable. Honestly, when you hate a session you waste their time and your time, and your attitude won't fix or help anything. Instead of focusing on the terrible characteristics they contain, focus on the awesome talents they have. When you do this, you will begin to notice even more better traits, and slowly, the negative thoughts will fade away. You must set an appropriate tone towards your clients for them to respect you and to enjoy your session. No slacking off, or getting distracted on a session with a client. You must give more than 100% when around your client or boss! Have power foods daily to keep you balanced and at finest around your students. For example, instead of having chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, eat eggs and vegetables! This will keep your body going and your brain on track, think about your clients! Also, stay active, this will keep a more positive and healthy lifestyle. Staying active will even help your brain function more efficiently. Studies show the more you exercise, the more you'll be able to focus, giving your clients a more efficient session. At LearningRX we are trainers, and our goal is to help kids learn and grow, but that doesn't mean we should stop learning! The most extraordinary trainers continue to expand, and pursue more knowledge because they want to! They also don't always get their knowledge from school-based things, but from blogs, books, and articles. If we have one strong skill, some ok skills, and a few very weak skills, then we do not have a strong team of skills. Make sure all of our skills are strong in order to be the best trainer you can be!

Training Tips to Improve your Clients

The main thing to do to improve your clients, is to stay focused on each session and what the student needs the most in that 45-60 minutes. Most importantly, share and vision an exceptional future with them, this will help set goals for them that they will desire to achieve. You have to keep your eye on the prize and never veer from your vision! Set expectations with your pupil, and they will rise to it. Make sure the expectation is not too grand or too poor, but that they can can grasp it. Stay accommodating and tranquil with your student, they will give to you what you give to them. If your student stays concentrated for their session, as a reward, let them pick out the last task, this will show a sign of trust. Also, be inspiriting and encouraging towards your student, when they earn praise, give it to them! If your student gets erratic, let he/she go outside and be active, this will help them be more alert afterwards.Get to know your student! Getting to know your student is not just getting their name down, but getting to know their interests, their personality, and to care deeply about their success. When your pupil feels acknowledged and content, it makes them work harder, and when they get praise from you, it makes them feel pleasant because its coming from someone whom they respect and know.
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Positive Parent Communication

Parent communication should be taken very seriously at LearningRX, the parents are like your partners. They're the people that are in the race with their kid, and they're spending a generous amount of time with their child for this program. You should talk to the parent about student progress at least twice a week during training, and talk to the parents everyday, (this doesn't have to be about the student). Congratulate the parents when the student improves, this will greatly make the parent feel appreciated. Also, notify the parents when you feel something is wrong. It is very important to communicate with the parents, if their is no communication, then it becomes very difficult to follow up on the session and to ensure parent satisfaction. Inform the parents about their kids weaknesses and strengths, so the parent can work with them easily and meet their needs. (QUICK TIPS) Smile when you see the parent, learn their names, be respectful/friendly, declare your attention to them, make positive cell phone calls to them, listen, thank them, and invite them to discuss important decisions.

Stay positive!

When your student does not seem to enjoy, or benefit from your sessions, then you should remind them that this will benefit their whole life and change their whole life. Like a soccer game, in order to make a goal you must have all your skills ready and sharpened. That relates so much to this program, you can't just have one skill down, but all, if you want to reach the goal. If you're starting a new procedure and your student is not attracted to it, you need to always stay positive and relate the success or the challenge to their life. After this, your student will become more enthusiastic and determined while beginning to look for growth. Ask your student to compare this year to last year, and for many of them, their performance in school is getting better and faster. Sometimes, you may not find the victory with your student, but that's no reason to complain. Instead savor the shining moments, and remember they eventually will accomplish! Try to correct less, and celebrate more, and don't dwell on a bad day you had, tomorrow is a chance to make it superior!
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Give it up for the employee of the month!

Congrats, Bre Norman! Bre has been selected as employee of the month because of her outstanding success to train her kids and having nothing less but a positive attitude everyday coming to work. Bre came to LearningRX 2 years ago, with a goal of helping her clients become better students, learners, and people. Ever since then, she has gone above and beyond to achieve her goals. Bre gives 110% on her daily work, she makes sure her clients are comfortable and on track throughout their whole session. She gets admirable feedback from parents and students taking her training on the weekly! She really provides an educational and enthusiastic atmosphere towards her clients! Once again, congratulations Bre Norman!
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Special announcement

Please make sure all employees are coming to work professional, appropriate, organized , and prepared. Make sure you have all of your training equipment needed to work with your client, and are prepared mentally too. LearningRX can also help you reach your future goals of becoming a teacher, therapist, and personal trainers. We know how you work and your attitude towards this job, so if you desire a good recommendation one day, do your best to work hard! LearningRX will equips you with experience and knowledge to help you reach your gratifying goals. Please continue to be prepared, we greatly appreciate it, and it makes an affect on you and your sessions.

A secret to getting more money- a solution!

80% of our clients are children in school for 6 1/2-8 hours. Most of our clients come in the afternoon, which means we only have a short window of time to make most of our income, and so far we don't have alot of income. To solve this problem, LearningRX is encouraging to opening on the weekends. We would not just have 4 hours of time to make money, but we would have the whole entire day. If you would like to start working on the weekends, please inform us and encourage others to do so too. By opening on the weekends, we will make sure all of our clients are on top of their game, and becoming faster, better, learners. This will give more opportunities, more clients, and more money in your pocket! Also note that this means more responsibility on your part. Also by doing this, it'll allow you to grow even further as a teacher and to give you confidence. We also do comprehend it is the weekend, and you do have essential business to take care of... so keeping connected is going to be essential through this. If you have any blocks or circumstances when you cant make it, please contact us ASAP. Sometimes you may not always want to come to work ,but realize this is part of a big picture, and the more work you put in the more work you get out of this. If you're having trouble grasping this idea, you can come to us individually so we can talk about what will motivate you to work hard and at your best. It could even be things such as increased salary, free lunches, a parking spot but will come close to meet them. Were also always open to your ideas and concerns about this, you play a major role in forming LearningRX and making it run!

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