Empress Simone

CEO/Founder of Empressed for Life Presents Publishing Co.

Who's That Girl?

Empress Simone the CEO/Founder of Empressed for Life Presents Publishing Company. She is a Bronx, NY native. She is a mom of three children, a full-time journalism major student, a contributing journalist, an avid genealogist and published Urban Fiction Author.

She was named on UBAWA.org’s list of top 100 African-American Authors for the year 2017. Empress Simone has over 14 titles to choose from. Genres include Urban Fiction, African-American Romance, Erotica, Street Lit and Interracial Romance.

Being the wife of a hustler is all Sky Cunningham has ever known. The love he bestowed upon her was more than welcomed. It basically saved her life and taught her to have high self-esteem. However, due to certain circumstances she is now on her own. She faces the scorn and contempt of his old partners as they try and hold her accountable for his mistakes.

In order to eat and keep her new found rivals off her tail, she has become her own boss of a crew consisting of three other females. She struggles with trusting their loyalty to her and the daunting question of who to keep in her circle of team members?

Will Sky keep her crew together as it stands or will she allow new team members to take the place of the old? What will Sky decide? Tag along as she decides who joins her winner’s circle.


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Hand Picked

This is a fast-paced story about a teenage girl named Caprice.She comes from a broken home and look's for love in all the wrong places; with all the wrong people. In this classic predator vs. prey teen drama, we will find out if Caprice's family can save her from a life of turmoil or allow her to succumb to a predator's advances and live a life of hardship.