Ludwig Van Beethoven(1770-1827)

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Beethoven's Life

Beethoven had a very hard childhood. He had six siblings and his dad was a troubling alcoholic. On the other hand, his mom was like an angel to him and she loved him very much. From a young age, Beethoven had his musical ability. His dad took advantage of him, and used Beethoven's musical ability as a source of income. When Beethoven was 17, he moved to Vienna to work on his musical career. He never married but he was popular among the ladies. He died a deaf man in Vienna at the age of 57.
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Map of Vienna

This map is of Vienna, Austria around Beethoven's time. Although he was not born in Vienna, he lived there for a long time. It is where he wrote his music and it is where he died. This is a very special place also because it is where two of the greatest composers of all time met: Mozart and Beethoven. It is also where Beethoven's funeral was held, which twenty thousand people came to.
Beethoven & Mozart: Vienna during the Classical Age

Beethoven's Music

Beethoven wrote lots of music during his lifetime even when he was deaf. He wrote nine symphonies and some of them are the most famous pieces ever written. His most famous symphony and probably the most popular symphony of all time is his symphony number 5. It is known for when it goes "Da-da-da-daah. His music is so complex that it cannot be hummed with just one melody or even be said at all.

Other known Music by Beethoven

Symphony No. 3

Symphony No. 6

SymphonyNo. 9

Moonlight Sonata

Wellington's Victory

Story About Beethoven

When Beethoven was deaf, he still continued to write music. He chopped off the legs of his pianos so the noise would vibrate on the ground. He would play with one hand and put his ear on the floor and "listen" to the music through vibrations. He wrote lots of music this way. This music is still famous today.


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